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The county of Poligny in figures

Around 40% larger than the Principality of Liechtenstein but three times less populated, the historic county of Poligny is a territory of wide open spaces where today forests, lakes, vineyards and dairy farming follow one another.


The economy of the county of Poligny has remarkable assets:

The territory covers a good part of the Jura vineyards .

The production of Jura wine amounted in 2010 to around 100  000 hl including 25  % reds and rosés, 50  % of whites including the famous "yellow wine" and 20  % Jura crémant to which must be added the macvin (3  %) and the sweet straw wine produced with dried grapes.

Agriculture, its fruit farms (village cheese dairies) and the "Comté" also participate in it through the establishment of major traders of this cheese which gives the town the name of "  Comté cheese capital  ".

Comté is the best-selling appellation cheese in France. The production of the Comté continues to increase, 1.5 million wheels produced each year and no industrial manufacture.

2,600 farms are involved in the production of this raw milk cheese.

The city of Poligny hosts the ENILBIO, derived from the ENIL, National School of Dairy Industry .

With nearly 70,000 overnight stays (2015), tourism contributes significantly to the economy.

The county of Poligny mainly attracts northern Europeans in search of authenticity and splendid and unspoiled nature. Belgians, Dutch, Germans and British form the bulk of the leading peloton followed by Swiss neighbors.

Historic estate of the Counts of Poligny
Population (in 2015)
Poligny: 4,104 inhabitants
Fraisans: 1 237 inhabitants
Because: 970 inhabitants
Antorpe: 749 inhabitants
Evans: 637 inhabitants
Curve: 585 hab
Rahon: 505 inhabitants
Saint Germain-en-Montagne: 439 inhabitants
Cosges: 362 inhabitants
Berthelange: 309 inhabitants
Augéa: 288 inhabitants
Névy les Dole: 267 inhabitants
Toulouse-Le-Chateau: 217 inhabitants
Le Fied: 202 inhab
Miéry: 154 inhabitants
Nans-Sous-Sainte Anne: 139 inhabitants
Chatillon: 128 inhabitants
Monay: 126 inhabitants
Painter: 123 inhab
Darbonnay: 94 inhabitants
Ecrille: 87 inhab
Lizine: 82 km2
Palantine: 64 inhab
Molpré: 21 inhabitants
Total Population: 11,889  hab
Poligny: 50.22 km2
Fraisans: 16.90 km2
Because: 8.94 km2
Antorpe: 10.20 km2
Evans: 9.87 km2
Courbezon: 3.35 km2
Rahon: 19.60 km2
Saint Germain-en-Montagne: 5.35 km2
Cosges: 13.49 km2
Berthelange: 4.07 km2
Augéa: 7.52 km2
Névy les Dole: 7.01 km2
Toulouse-Le-Chateau: 4.16 km2
Le Fied: 8.39 km2
Miéry: 7.67 km2
Nans-Sous-Sainte Anne: 8.86 km2
Chatillon: 16.77 km2
Monay: 2.50 km2
Painter: 6.34 km2
Darbonnay: 4.39 km2
Ecrille: 5.25 km2
Lizine: 7.33 km2
Palantine: 4.31 km2
Molpré: 2.73 km2
Total area: 235.22 km2
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